My First Camp

So, a thing that we do in scouts are camps (and fires…but that’s for another day) and I, as a 6-years-old member of Scouts, have been to many of many I cannot even count them. Anyhow, I am going to write about my first camp. Just before I start, please note that I was in a French scout group and I wasn’t exactly in Scouts Canada, but in the ‘Association des Scouts du Canada’ which, translated into English, means Association of Scouts of Canada. I was in the 2ième Groupe scout de Hull (which you can see the logo on the left) and I was in my first year of beavers. I should also mention that it was the first time that I slept away from home.

So, we were camping in a school gymnasium for the night because the next day, we were doing our Scout Promise and in beavers, they make a pretty big deal out of it. Also, please note that I was seven years old at that time, and I do not remember everything. Back to the story.

It was winter and in Canada, imagine about a meter – 3.3 ft for our American and British readers – of snow. Well, after we arrived there, we eat a snack, and we go play outside. I do not remember what the snack or the game was, but what I do remember is that it was so cold outside, my friend’s lips were purple. Anyways, we go inside, and we talk about fire safety and first aid. We then drink some hot chocolate and some crackers – I think- and we go to bed. I remember thinking, “Am I going to be able to sleep?! Everyone is snoring!” And yes,  I was able to sleep.

Morning and we eat some breakfast, which I seem to have no idea what I had, and the second year beavers were preparing our promise and when the time finally arrived, we read a sheet of paper and we said it, and BOOM, we are beavers! I do remember how I felt about being a beaver but I will make another post dedicated to Scout Promises in the close future.

And that, dear readers, sums up the story. Thank you for reading!


P.S.: Please leave in the comments your opinion on the new logo! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “My First Camp

  1. Do you remember if you were anxious to become a beaver? You should also mention that this was the first time when you slept away home. What about there was a ceremony where you got through the river and momg have you your necker? How did you feel??? Remember at the ceremony all the parents were there and they were very proud. Also you sworn to respect Scouts…

    Lidia Matei



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