My Youth Spokesperson Journey – How I wrote the essay

Hello there!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a month and I was busy…and I also know that’s a lame excuse. You might be wondering; “Well Ana, isn’t the blog dead?” and the answer is no. I am coming back people!

Anyhow, this blog post is a about a very recent news….how I became a Youth spokesperson for Scouts Canada. Yes. You read that right. I am now a Youth Spokesperson. Let me tell you how I became one…

It all started a beautiful summer weekend when I saw this ad on the Scouts Canada website that said that they were looking for youth spokesperson and I thought that it would be a good project for the summer. The requirements were pretty simple: a short one page essay, a video, and your CV.

I made the essay, which you can see below, and my video, which you can click on the link in part 2, which will be published tomorrrow.
So let’s get started with how I wrote the essay.

Firstly, I made a web about why I love scouts. It was basically a bunch of reasons about why I love scouts in a jot note kind of manner. Then, I wrote my first version of the essay, which you can see below. I gave it to my editor in chief – my mother – and we decided to write another version. We edited that, an repeated that process a few times, until we came to the final version, which you will find below.

Thank you for reading today’s edition of TheScoutGirl’s.


I have got a new Facebook page: Scout Ana-Alexandra, and please follow it for updates.


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