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As you know from my previous post, I am a youth spokesperson (YSP) for Scouts Canada, which means I will write essays, make videos and give interviews for Scouts Canada. Speaking of writing an essay, I have the assignment to write 500 words blog post to be posted on this website about “How Scouting Has Improved My Life”.  If you want to see the first two drafts, leave a comment down below saying so!


Ana_AlexandraMatei YSP2017Photo.JPG
Me, in my scouting uniform


Anyways, let’s get going on with the video. As a requirement for the program, we had to create a short two-minute long video talking about why we want to be a YSP. This post is mainly going to be talking about a ‘behind the scenes’ of my video.

First, I did a big brainstorm and a script for the video. In my point of view, writing a script to a video, in general, is the key to success, as it prevents you not knowing how to say. The next key is to actually practice the script. I practiced it alone, then to my parents, and finally to a camera in my house.

Next part, after writing your script and practicing it, is to film it! On my birthday, we went to the University of Saskatchewan campus to film with a camcorder and a tripod bought specially for the occasion. I put some light make up on, and I was ready to film! I was saying a page of script on a location, before moving to another one for the next part. We repeated that for a  few times and I filmed. One thing I wouldn’t do next time I have to film something would be to film with a big noise in the background.

Lastly, I did a really important part: editing. I used Windows Movie Maker, as it was what I had on my hand, even though I have experience with a few other, and I used Audacity for the audio editing. I took every segment apart and modified the length. From five minutes worth of video, I edited it to 2:05. I then took apart the audio, to equalize it and to remove some of the background noise, which I did. I merged it, added music to mask some of the background music and there we go!

To complete my application, I did a short CV and a picture of myself which you can see above.

Thank you for reading another one of my posts, and I hope I did not bore you to death,


Oh, also, I am getting a new color scheme and some logos designed by this very nice person at Design Pique Studios!


7 thoughts on “My YouthSpokes Person Journey – Video

  1. Hello there, Zielle! You ordered a sample design from Design Pique Studios a while back and I notified you that I would be carrying it out this month. However, things have gone a bit out of hand and while I was on hiatus I got some nine orders. I just wanted to let you know that it may be sorta hard to manage them all at once, so it would be helpful to know by when you would like the design done so I can schedule it accordingly. Thanks a million!



  2. Hello Mukta,
    No problem! I saw your post yesterday about your novel and I want to see it!
    Anyways, you can do it anytime in December, as I don’t have a planned day, but if it is possible, I would like it before the New Year.

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