Ahhh… Canoeing. That tough and tiring sport… The one thing you can do anywhere,in any lake, including Lake Louise…


I have had many different experiences with it, ranging from a two hours gateway to a nine-day camp. And although it has been approximatively four months since I last went canoeing, I know the experience pretty well.

Canoeing is expensive, as you got to rent the canoes somehow, and they are costly. You do not believe me? Just search up “Canoes” on Canadian Tire. You will believe me then.

I remember once, I was about ten years old, and I went canoeing in Lac LaPeche,  in Parc de la Gatineau, in Quebec, and it was one of my first time canoeing with my family. I, for some reason, thought of seaweed as this monstrosity that will eat me alive if I fall in it. I then remember going once on the water, then staying on the beach playing cards, while my parents and my grandparents were on the water. I regretted it after I realized that this supposed “seaweed” were actually plants smaller than a water bottle…

The lesson of this story: Never be afraid of seaweeds.

Lac La Peche in Parc de la Gatineau, QC

In the summer of 2016, I went to a Scout camp named “Campanoe Challange,” which is a nine-day camp of canoeing at Good Spirit Lake, here in Saskatchewan. Keep in mind that the mosquitos that year were so bad, you could not leave your tent open before a party of them would be happening. The water at Good Spirit lake was freezing, which is why I was smart enough to get myself a wetsuit which saved my body from hypothermia. I went canoeing there the longest time I have ever done in m life, as we had canoeing almost every day. It was tiring but the most fun I have had in a long time.. I also know that once we were about to flip the canoe, and we managed not to flip it! It might or might not have been a scary moment. We canoed to the beach, where we ate an ice cream, we canoed to the middle of the lake. We learned what to do in case you do flip your boat, but most importantly, we had fun!

This lesson of the story: if you wear a wetsuit, then you might flip the canoe.


What I am trying to say all along this blog post is simple: canoeing is an amazing sport which creates a lot of memories, some good, some bad, and is a really enjoyable sport!

As you probably noticed, I have started a new ‘series’ or category about some mini-stories of mine I want to tell. This is part 1! About canoeing!

Thank you,


p.s.: I am only 4 months late…

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