Did you know that I have recently been featured in Scouts Canada’s “Scouting Life” blog? No? Are you not following me on either Facebook or Twitter? No? Then go do so now! Also, follow Scouts Canada on Twitter and Facebook…they post interesting stuff and sometimes feature me! Also, check the link here before reading this. I WILL NOT BE POSTING THE STORY.


OK. With that out of the way, let’s find out how I wrote and got that article published.

Basically, you were asked for a 500 words blog post about “How Scouting Improved/influenced Your Life.” You could do whatever approach you wanted to it. I choose how it improved my packing skills, while others choose different ones, like this one , this one, this one, and this one .

Anyways, I wrote my first draft, which honestly sounded like: “I pack my bags for camp. I have fun at camp. I pack socks in my pack for camp…” Yeah…could have been better, right?

And you were right (if you said yes of course). I managed to make it sound way better, but not good enough still. It looked something like this:


I did that and repeated that a few times until I got something that I was pleased with.

Then, I sent it over to the people at Scouts Canada who helped me review it, and a few months, later, it was posted!

Don’t forget to check out the post itself here!


Sorry that this was a short post, I will post a mini-story tomorrow at 12:05 PM Central Time.


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