Ah, fires. Those things that burn you and help you and burn you…I love those!!

Ana-Alexandra - 1

I have made a few fires in my life, some with my family, some with the Scouts. All of them are the same: dangerous.

I managed to burn myself three times last spring camp, breaking my own record: I burned myelf less than one hour after I got to the camp, and anyone is yet to break that record. I think I was just poking a stick in the fire like Scouts do, when I put my hand in the wrong place, burning it in the passing…

Lesson of the day? Do not play with fire, it’s hot. Also make sure that what is in the fire, stays in the fire…


Last summer, I went to Yellowstone National Park, where I made my first two fires outside of Scout Camps.

I had a blast, but I could not make them higher than what you see in the picture above because of some wind, which, let’s say, was pretty big. Also, I was afraid that it would rain like it did the whole day, but it didn’t, so I got to eat some hot-dogs and some marshmallows over the fire while playing charades.

Lessons: Be careful of wind when lighting a fire! Also, have a bucket of water close-by!

Usually, in my Scout group, we have a tradition: play as many games of werewolf/mafia as we can around the fire, and that it something I would recommend to everyone!

Lesson: Get a tradition everyone!


The lessons of today’s mini-stories: fire is a tool, not a toy, but it can be fun and it is a Scouting and camping tradition!


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