Ever been camping in tents? The answer is probably yes, and you probably have had many experiences with it.

Well, it is time to write about my tent camping experiences…


My first tent camping experience was in my first year of Cubs, I was probably eight years old. I remember taking about half an hour to set up the tent. A while later, I realized that I failed and I installed it the wrong way around. When I, and the person sleeping with me in my tent, decided to make our “beds”, I was smart enough to not install my mat, and obviously, I was very cold that night, and I did not sleep at all.

Lesson: Install your mats when you go camping.


My first time sleeping in a tent alone was when I went camping in my ten-day camp. In case you don’t know me personally, then let me tell you something: I am afraid of darkness and of animals. I would wake up at night and listen to animals and be very very afraid. Anyways, one night, I almost had a heart attack because I thought I heard some twigs snapping and I thought it was some kind of animal, so I went outside and actually, it was a person going to the toilet….that was very embarrassing…

Lesson: Not everything you hear is what you think you hear.thescoutgir.pngdivider

My latest adventure was my spring camp which I will be writing about in an article for ScoutingLife so stay tuned. Anyways, in that camp, I had to setup a tent at 10:00 pm, which was pretty fun, to be honest. I set it up correctly, but it rained later and the moisture made it very cold, meaning that I froze all night and I did not sleep well because I did not take any extra blankets with me.

Lesson: Always take extra blankets.


I know this post was short and that I haven’t posted in a while, but I have little time. If you liked this, give it a like and follow me for more posts!signature.png


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