Firstly, I want to wish everyone Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if you don’t celebrate. Two weeks ago, I attended my Scouting council’s regional year review and I was asked one question, “What is your favourite Scouting experience?” That got me thinking that maybe some people would actually want to learn some stuff about me. So here, I present you with my own version of the “Get to know me” tag, but scouting and YSP edition.

What made you join Scouting?

Beaver Scout
Me as a beaver Scout

At first, I didn’t know what it was. So when my parents announced that I would start Scouting, back when I lived in Gatineau, QC, I was intrigued. I remember my first day of Scouting when we each chose an animal name that started with the first letter of your name – I chose “Abeille” which is French for bee – and we played a variety of games.

What is your favourite Scouting memory?

That is a good question. I can’t say that I have a specific one, as I have enjoyed most – if not all- of my Scouting adventures so far- but I would like to think that the one I had the most fun in was the Couch rally. I really enjoyed going to another city and racing there. Here is the article I wrote about it.W

Do you want to become a leader? Why?

Yes. I do want to become a leader. Why? Well, because when I think back on my Scouting adventure, I see my leaders. I think of the waays they have managed to keep me safe, to keep me entraitened, and to make me learn stuff. For example, thanks to my leaders, I learned how to camp. I learned how to make a fire. I learned how to, quite litterally, “Be prepared” I learned how to be a good leader, how to be better at public speaking. I could go on and on and on. I would want my kids and other kids to experience the same.

Well, that’s enough questions for now. Let’s go to my plans.

2019 Plans

This year, I plan on posting more. Lately, I just didn’t have the motivation to post anything. I want it to change

Also, I plan on posting greater & longer content. I want my stories to be interesting, to be more detailed. 

Lately, I plan on enjoying ever. single. moment. of my year.

Thank you very much for bearing with me last year in 2018. We achieved a number of milestones, including reaching over 1000 views and 30 followers!
I am currently working with another YSP to publish an article about how it is to be a member of the National Youth Advisory Committee organized by the RCMP, and I will probably make a post about the NYAC later on.

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays – even though they are unfortunately over and I have to get back to school – and a wonderful 2019. Also, if you have any questions for me, leave a comment!


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